Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sushi Veggie Rolls

I make this for a quick lunch, usually just for myself as Andrew doesn’t like it . you could easily change the amounts to make a larger batch, or larger sized rolls.

• Sushi mat (usually can get them at the dollar store, they look like a bunch of bamboo skewers tied together)
• 1/2 C Rice (Calrose, or other short grain rice, I have used Arborio in a pinch), cooked
• 1 t Sugar
• 1T Seasoned Rice Vinegar
• 2 sheets Sushi Nori (dried seaweed)
• 1/2 Avocado, sliced
• 2 Asparagus (I steam them over the rice)
• ½ Yam baked and mashed, or sliced long ways
• (Other veggies can be used, cucumber, peppers, whatever you like)
• Wasabi
• Soy sauce
The lady who first showed me how to do this used mayonnaise in the rice, and on the rice, I cut it out as I don’t miss the taste and it’s just extra calories. This is by no means a traditional tutorial, just how someone showed me and how I do it.

1. while the rice is warm in the pot I add the sugar and rice vinegar and stir is with a spatula

2. Lay the dried seaweed with the dull side down/shiny side up with the lines in the seaweed lining up with the lines on the Sushi mat

3. spread half the rice mixture onto the seaweed with a butter knife (again I do this when it is warm as I find it is easier to), spread it right to the edges, but about just over half way up the seaweed.

4. If using mashed yam spread from the bottom of the rice upwards, but not all the way to the top

5. Layer veggies from the bottom of the yam and rice line

6. Rolling up the roll can take some practice, it’s basically like rolling up a cinnamon roll, while using your fingers to tuck the veggies in as you go
7. Use the mat to compress the roll and compact in all the veggies, the diameter of your roll may not look that round, but that is ok. Note: If you have too much seaweed edge, just keep rolling it, the dampness of the rice will stick it to the rest of the roll

8. Let the rolls sit for a few minutes before slicing with the sharpest non-serrated knife you have

Note: You can make these the day before and cling wrap the roll and slice them before eating (good for a potluck), however when using the mashed yam I found it made them a bit soggy (I also spread it the full length of the rice the first time, which didn't work out when rolling them)

Serve with Wasabi and soy sauce


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