Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am very amazed by all my friends who are parents and have time to blog...especially Kristen who has like 4 blogs AND works. I simpley can barely squeeze in time to do normal everyday living, let alone time to myself that I don't use to bathe or drink a (decaff) Cofee.

Lochlan has begunto sleep a bit more regularily which is helping, but then I have husband time to catch up on (he misses me to).

I was able to crochet a bit last week which I really enjoyed an will probablly do some more of. I would like to make a post on the hats I have been making (little touques for Lochlan with brims) and also on the super cute blankets I made for my nephew and a friend (which i did manage to take pictures of before I gave them away).

This baby business is time consuming.......

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Kristen said...

Ha! You say that only as I'm coming back to blogging after a 2 month break, and you'll notice I'm on mat leave right now (easy to blog when Elijah's at school, just Jeremy at home and no baby yet!).
I really like your owl blanket projects btw - very creative!


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