Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Owl Blankie

So this is the blankie I made two of, One for my nephew Josiah, and one for my friend Breana's baby girl Riley. They both ended up looking mostley the same but I tried them two different ways, the second was deffinatley easier. The first one I hole punched all the way around half a metre of fleece fabric and then single chained all the way around and then shell stiched the border (in picture). The second blanket I blanket stiched around (easier than hole punching), added a single chain border then did a pattern of C3 and DC in every other stich, which made for a smaller scalloped border (was also easier). I put the same Owl on both of them which I just used felt and embroidery thread to make.

I tried to use funky colours that were not a throw back from the 90's or the kinds of colours old ladies use at craft sales (pastels blech). The absolutley turned out the way I intended so I hope the recipients liked them. I might make another one for Lochlan, but he has so many blankets and I still have not finished the one I started for him when I was pregnant. Perhaps I will do a full size with a scene of owls in a tree or something so it can go on his bed as he gets bigger.

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