Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have TOO many. I can't get into half of my accounts on the internet because I can never remember what passwords I am using for what. It drives me crazy. Typically I have passwords for things that don't matter that much, just ones that are easy to remember and I don't really care if they get hacked into. Then I have harder ones that I use for more important stuff, but then I forget them and have to change them so I have about 6 imortant ones, and I have to go through trying them all to figure out which one it is. This really sucks if you have to also remember what your stinkin "Login name is" especially when you have had to use something odd because your usual on was taken. Trying to figure out if you have your login wrong, or your password wrong. Then there is the three strike an your out, where they lock you out for 24 hours if you get it wrong 3 times in a row.

I just don't see this getting easier the more and more things that are online.

Note I couldn't get my blogger password combo right and it took me a good two weeks to sort it out and create a new password.........good grief!


Kristen said...

Hey Anna, Jonathan has a one password fits all program for himself. Are you on Mac or PC, I can get you the details for both

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

That might be helpful.

We have a PC


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