Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

The first time I saw a baby wearing one of these I thought " oh how cute, his mum is into beading and made him a necklace" the next week at the library I saw his little friend had one too and thought, "oh I guess she made one for her friend's baby too", by baby number three I thought something was up in Denmark. Eventually I caught on that they were wearing Baltic Amber teething necklaces.
So I finally decided to get my hippie on and ordered Lochlan an Amber teething necklace, which in short is supposed to release a natural analgesic when warmed by your baby's skin and help with the pain of teething.
I ordered it from Inspried by Finn a website that sells the necklaces and baby leggings (of all things). I researched online and they had the best price with shipping to Canada (I think it came to about $21). They come in a few different styles and I ordered the "disc bean style" as I don't love the chip style, however when it came I decided it was WAY too girly for Lochlan, so I will save it for a gift to a friend having a girl (this is the one in the photos).

I still want to try this for Lochlan though, so I tried to order one that looked a little more masculine and also try a Canadian company, so I ordered from Amber Babies. The price was not a lot more, about $5 I think. This time I ordered a muti coloured chip necklace in hopes that it at least looks a little more boyish even if I don't like it as much.
I talked to a lady named Georgia, who is the owner of my favourite store Agnes Jean and she (will be carrying them in store soon) said to be careful buying cheap ones online as she thinks some people are selling glass or plain Amber necklaces instead of the Baltic Amber ones (the kind that are supposed to work). I think Georgia got hers from Amber babies. Nova Naturals also carries them online originally I was going to try making my own by buying the beads and every time I found "Amber" beads I would turn the package over and it would say glass or plastic (I guess because Amber is a "colour").

I don't really know how you can tell if it is the right stuff but three online suppliers are ones that I had people reccomend to me that they themselves had used. Next up will have to be if I think they actually work......


Amber Artisans said...

Amber is amazing in its healing powers and not just for children. For centuries people have used amber for arthritis, respiratory infections including chronic asthma, as a stress reliever that interacts with the body's nervous system and much much more. Explore more research from the medical community and you will see some amazing results for natural Baltic amber.

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

Note: Amber Artisans is actually I think Where Georgia got hers from.


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