Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Legs

I have been wanting to buy Lochlan some leggings for a while because there is often this gap between his socks and his pant legs when he sits in his stroller or his backpack. The catch is they always come in girly patterns and colours.
As I mentioned in my earlier post Inspired By Finn also carries baby leggings, which I had a mild interest in, but didn├Ęt really care enough to buy online. However on my face book they advertised a BOGO sale and prices as low as $1.75, so being a deal monger I had to check it out.

They have great options for little boys, including the oh so popular skull pattern (who thought that would be a cute trend anyways?). I bought 4 pairs (1 gray, 2 plaid and 1 green with pandas all are quite boyish, but would be ok with the right clothes for a girl) and with shipping they came to $5 each. I did think maybe this is a dumb time to buy them as it is almost summer, but Lochlan has a lot of rompers, and I thought they would be a cute ways to let him wear them on chillier days as well.


Kristen said...

Jeremy loves his fake babylegs. They were made by a friend in SJ who bought some funky looking ladies socks at Giant Tiger (of all places), and cutting off the feet. He still likes to wear them when it's cold. And this is a great time to buy winter gear, it's cheap.

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

That sounds like a great project, to make your own, I will have to keep my eye out for cool socks.


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