Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I decided either I was really stupid to buy my glasses online, or really stupid not to buy them online, as they are so much cheaper.
I ordered this pair last week and they arrived today and I LOVE them. Now I usually wear contacts, so the risk in me not liking them and being stuck with them would not have been the end of the world (They do have this 30 day no hassle return policy as well). I mostly needed to have them as a back up to my contacts. I already knew what shape looks ok on me, and I knew I wanted a green pair.

Initially I had chosen a pair of Coach (Aurora) glasses, but they were sold out by the time I got my prescription from good old Clark the Optometrist (who, by-the-way, made me promise not to buy my glasses online- but I did buy my contacts from him, so I think we are even). I picked these out thinking so what if they don't work out....they are Gucci!

Anyways They look great and I only paid $177 with lenses, taxes etc........wait for it. Today I went home for lunch and had an e-flyer from 30% off today only, so I called them up and let them know I bought my glasses last week and that I wanted today's deal applied to them...Voila! $50 off. So all in $127 for a pair of Gucci glasses that look like a million bucks.

I am a happy (stylin) camper/sexy librarian.


Kristen said...

I have friends who ordered theirs from somewhere in Asia and paid next to nothing for them. I have got to remember this the next time I need new glasses.

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

I read about that place ( yesterday on another blog. Glasses start at $8.

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

If anyone is interested in ordering online please let me give you a referral, you will get 10% off and I get a coupon if you order.


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