Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pizza Chili

I got this recipe fro the "Make it Fast, Cook it Slow" cookbook by Stephanie O'dea, so if you like it check out her other recipes in her books or website, A Year of Slowcooking.

1 lb ground beef (browned)
1 jar (500 ml) Pizza/Pasta sauce
1 can(14 oz) Diced or crushed tomatoes
1 can kidney beans (I drained and rinsed them)
Pepperoni-I used two links from the deli, but you could use more. I cut them length wise into 1/4 s and then chopped them into tiny pieces, mostly for the flavor. I used regular because of Lochlan, but you could use spicy if you like.
1 Bell Pepper (any colour), chopped
2 t Italian seasoning (or your own blend of Basil and Oregano
1 C water (optional)

Shredded Mozzarella for serving.

Combine first 7-8 ingredients (I used crushed tomatoes so I did not add the water, I think it would also depend how thick your pizza sauce is, so it’s your call). Cook in your slow cooker on low for 5-8 hours.

Serve in bowls and mix 1/4 of shredded cheese into each bowl.
So easy yet so tasty, plus lots of room for improvising.

Note: Another Pizza recipe that is a big hit in our house (and any house we take it to ) is the Pizza dip recipe from Eat Shrink and Be Merry, which is another staple cookbook in my kitchen.


Steve Finnell said...

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Kristen said...

looks delicious Anna.


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