Thursday, August 25, 2011

More crochet

I am really into fast projects, I never (finish) make things like afghahns because they take too long and I get board, (I started one for my first son and have about 18 inches done and everytime I pick it up I have to relearn the pattern and lose interest). Hats and bibs are nice because I can crank them out in one or two evenings of watching TV.
At one point I had to take a break from crochetting because eveyone I knew had been given a toque or scarf (or both).  It's probably time to start up again. I have started making bibs though which are fun and then I just save them for baby gifts. I have made some failed bootie attempts as well, but getting two things to look the same... just too much fidgetting. My sister bought me a book for socks and slippers so I may try more of those this winter, she also got me some patterns for making patterned blocks, which would make cute bibs, and also could be put on t-shirts or shopping/tote bags.
Anyways, just my thoughts on stuff I crochet and a couple of recent bibs.


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