Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I cannot believe how I have had no motivation to add to this, I am hoping it is my pregancy combined with working full time and being a full time mother on top of the day job. Anyhow at almost 36 weeks I am no longer working my day job as per Dr.'s orders and should have some time to record some thoughts and ideas.
That being said I feel like I am still catching my breath and sorting myself out.

After being off work for less than a week (my son is still going to his Grandparents during the week also as per Dr.s orders) I have actually started and finished reading a book......I don't think I have actually done this in 2 years!!! I am a really fast reader and I can honestly not get through 3 pages of a book  by the time I get two seconds to myself.
Anyways my mother leant me a copy of The Help by Kathryn Stockett and I loved it, I love all books about the South, I don't know why maybe it's the way people talk, maybe because of all the warm weather and Lemonade they drink. I loved the Secret Life of Bees, the Divine Secrets of the Yayas and of course Fried Green Tomatos.  Anyways the book is fiction, but I still can't believe that only about 20 years before I was born people lived that way.

I have no deep thoughts or desire to reflect on the question in the back, I am just happy a read through a whole book, that didn't have pictures.

There may be a few more posts like this where I am getting my groove back on how to think out loud, I definatley owe some thoughts to Clever Mama's right now, so I will have to collect my thoughts there as well ( of course while putting my feet up). I am thinking about "tips on living in a 800 squarefoot appartment with a family of 4".

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