Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So one thing I am working on today is lists, I love making lists; I even making lists of things I have done, just so I can cross them off . I once bought this really cool book for my sister call listography, where it gives you topics of lists to write, which lead me to discover their website, which is also kind of fun, you can create endless lists and look at other people's lists.
Here is a list of lists I am working on today
  • Things to buys for our baby when I know its a boy or a girl (so after it is born)-this helps me resist the urge to buy things now and up with more ambiguously coloured/patterned unisex items
  • Things to buy before I go to the hospital (newborn diapers etc.)
  • Baby names Andrew and I both like (still don't have a boy's name settled)
  • A new list of songs I like for running to (when I am finally able to exerise again), can you tell I am dying to get my prebaby body back?
  • Books/authors I saw in Indigo that I want to check the library for
  • General things to do

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Mary said...

list book is still by my bedside. still making lists, but usually they are to do list for work these days. i'm trying to moniter how much i talk about work so i won't repeat the list for you as was my initial thought.



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