Friday, September 25, 2009

The "How"

So it's all very tidy in print, but how do you pursue a relationship with God? This is the question I pondered at 4am while feeding my son. The sunday school answers are pray and read your bible right? This requires doing again, and don't get me wrong they are right answers, but they are not so simple. for one I thought, when I pray it is a bit like a monologue, a one sided selfish conversation all about me; how do I intmately get to know God this way? What kind of questions should I ask God , about himself? Do you have any hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
I know that reading the old testament is supposed to be good for learning about God's character, and the new testament is about Christ's charater and the Holy Spirit.

But still I want to know, how do I get to know God, how do O walk with him?

Then a brillient thought came to me, this doesn't have to be just me and God alone. Maybe if by spending time with other people who know him and walk with him, I can get to know him better, like a group date :)

This may sound really elementary, I have gone to church my whole life, but I feel like these are ideas that God is opening my eyes to.

My friend Shelly has seen Jesus literally with her eyes (part of her initial testimony), and I know she prays regularily. She told me last week this man who she met once called her and spilled out his problems with her on the phone, and she was able to pray with him right over the phone. I would have been a) super weirded out and annoyed that a stranger was taking up my time with his problems (hmmm reminds me of that selfish monologue bit), and b) not confident to pray over the phone with him.

I thought Shelly knows God ,can walk with and talk to him.,she is someone I need to be around, I need to learn how to know God through our mutual friends.

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