Monday, September 28, 2009

Variations on Lemon Loaf

So I was making Mrs Stratfords Lemon loaf a few days ago and wanted to mix things up a little and couldn't decide between adding blueberries or chocolate chips. In the end I went with blueberries, with amazing results. I also mixed things up a little by baking it in a round bundt pan instead on a loaf pan again, it was a nice change.
Today I needed to bake something and thought I would go for chocolate chips but it turned out we had no lemons, so I used a Honey Tangerine...SO GOOD! Again I went with the round pan which l;ooks pretty and makes nice little pieces. My coworker Sabine somteimes made a Nutella cake that was something similar so I think next time I will leave out the citrus and try swirling the Nutella in the batter.

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